Potomac Paranormal Investigations
PPI Club Information

Potomac Paranormal Investigations is located in Keedysville,MD

We are a group dedicated to the study of advanced paranormal phenomena that is ghostly in nature. We believe in the use of scientific methods, systematic processes, skepticism and logical thinking for data collection and analysis. As researchers, it is important for us to help individuals understand what might be at work in their environment and help them manage it in a positive manner. We believe this is one, of many, characteristics of PPI that adds to our success.

It is our hope that with our data we can make strong correlations of paranormal/ghostly events and behaviors and begin to help build a better understanding of alleged ghost's and haunting's. Only through the continued focus and field-testing of theories shall we eventually bring paranormal research into the scientific mainstream.
Founder & Lead Investigator - Paul Perkins - outside of PPI, Paul is a sales manager for a cyber security software company, martial arts instructor,  & soccer coach for BFC and a volunteer firefighter & rescue person.

Investigator- Amy Perkins - outside of PPI, Amy is a real estate sales professional, and is an active animal advocate

Investigator - Walter Jasek - outside of PPI, Walter is a rehab director for an occupational therapy facility, a volunteer member of the Potomac Vistas HOA.

Investigator - David Stitley - outside of PPI David is in home construction and a BFC Soccer Coach.

Investigator - Chrissy McKevitt - outside of PPI, Chrissy works for Weis Corporation, and is a wife and mother of 4 children.

Shelley Kimball - In addition to being a wife and mother of 3 kids, Shell is a full time student, pursuing a surgical tech degree, graduating in the spring of 2012.

Dawn Scofield - outside of PPI, Dawn is employed by the Weis Corporation, and is the mother of 4 children and is a very active member of BFC (Boonsboro Football Club)

Investigator - Jim Scofield - outside of PPI, Jim is in the IT contracts business and a coach & board member for BFC.

Investigator - Devin Cole Stitley - Outside of PPI, Devin is a full time student at Mt. St. Mary's and was just recently accepted to U of K for Dental school.

Investigator - Jessie Jasek - outside of PPI Jessie is a student at HCC and works at Wegmans

Jr. Investigator - Wyatt Stitley

Jr. Investigator - Kayleigh Perkins



Paul using K2 meter & digital voice recorder on initial perimeter inspection of Lockwood House
Paul using a K2 meter and digital voice recorded on initial inspection of Lockwood House
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