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November 2011

PPI did two successive outdoor investigations in Harpers Ferry, WV that had amazing results.   Some of those experiences were personal in nature and we were not able to capture via video or audio, others were significant and captured.  I will be posting the actual audio evidence shortly.  As a quick recap we were able to capture several EVP's in several locations to include the graveyard, the old church, Hog's alley and the old armory!

One highlight was being told "stop" on 2 separate occasions seconds apart by a female voice!  Another was being asked "save me" followed by a painful moan.

We had several folks join us on these investigation to include Jim & Dawn Scofield, John & Shelly Kimball, Paul Perkins, Dave Stitley, Chrissy McKevitt, Devin & Wyatt Stitley & Devin Scofield.  It was a really great multi-day event over 2 weekends. 

New Tools

We are very excited to have added several new tools to our inventory.

IR Illuminator - for enhanced nighttime video capability

Green Laser Grid - for detection of movement in rooms and hallways. on, 


Upcoming Investigation

Brunswick Fire Company
We are fortunate to have a volunteer firefighter in our group.  This opens some opportunities for us that may not exist if we did not.  One such opportunity is the pending investigation of the Brunswick Fire Company.  This location was the sight of Patsy Cline's first performance in MD.  In this location her former manager is supposed to walk the halls as is several former members of the fire company from the early 1900's.  

Civil War farm house from the Battle of Gapland
When the battle of Gapland took place during the civial war, leading up to the battle of Antietam many Confederate soldiers lost thier lives.  In the hasty retreat some hid and saught medical assitance in the family's farm house.  There are many reports of activity at this site, including ghostly whines, movement of objects and unusual lights.

Antietam Battlefields

From Burnside Bridge, Bloody Lane, North woods and others the Battle fields of Antietam are rich in supposed activity.  Antietam remains as the most deadly single day battle in Civil war history with over 24,000 killed & injured.  Many reports of activity include shadow people, EVP's, ghostly signing, smells of battle and flashes of unexplained light.  


Walter & Jessie just listen doing EVP work at Bethel Church
Walter & Jessie doing EVP work at Bethel Church
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