Potomac Paranormal Investigations
Past Investigation Highlights!
Dargan Fire House

The orginal fire house was built in the 1950's and consist of a 2 engine bay, large meeting room, 2 restrooms and a kitchen.  In the basement there is another engine bay and 2 small offices.  There was a 2nd building built in the 90's that now makes the fire house one of the largest in Washington County.  There have been no tragic or mysterious deaths on the property, however there have been long term members that have passed away.

One such story is of Tommy!  A past member of the fire company that was responsable for taking care of the miantenance on the buldings and grounds.  There are reports of Tommy being very active with doors opening, electronics turning on by themselves,items being moved and sounds of foot steps and talking.

PPI has been investigating this location on several occassions using digital voice recorders, K2 meters, infared camera's, video cameras, digital cameras and emf dectors.  We have had some very good results on each investigations.  We have several unusual pictures that we could not recreate, EVP's and personal experiences.  One report is that the old fire chief purchased the 1st new truck back in the 1960's.  He would lay ontop on the hose beds, smoking a cigerette on top of his "baby."  We have a photo of an unxplained red glow and smoke on this very truck in the hose beds, that we can not explain.  We also have a face that shows up in the windshield that we can not reproduce in anyway.  See the attached pictures.  We also have several EVP's one of which the name Tommy is clearly said in response to a direct question. 

We have had some great investigations in Harpers Ferry, WV with some unusual photo's and EVPs. 

We also recently did an investigation of a home in Urbana, MD that had been abandon and had many stories about its past history.  We had some significant personal experiences including "shadow" people and some EVPs.  However we got very little in the way of photographic or video evidence.
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